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Hello guys..

I hope you are all lost some of money by playing WinGo trading. honestly i am also lost 4700 rupees then i realized that i was playing this game in 銇仒銈併伨銇椼仸銆備笁鍏愩伄鐖躲仹銇欍€?瀛愪緵銇熴仭銇屽ぇ銇嶃亸銇倠銇俱仹銆佸瓙鑲层仸銇粚璺°€佸銇ㄣ伄銈勩倞銇ㄣ倞绛夈€佺埗瑕洰绶氥伄鍕曠敾銈掍綔銇c仸銇勩亼銈屻伆銇ㄦ€濄亜銇俱仚銆?wrong way. Than i found some tricks and its been successfully working since 20 days to me. I have been writing this post for past 3 days. that time my earning was rs.6600 but now i earned 9280 rupees from Tomis including my loss of rupees 4700. It may seems very small amount for you. but think about that i earned 9280 rupees in 20 days.

Most of the players have losing their money in this game so i want to share my experience to everyone, i believe this could at least recover your losses.

Okay..!! Lets discuss


1. STOP BELIEVING IN GAME TEACHERS I cant stop laughing when i am hearing this.. Don’t depend too much on teachers..!! we must understand this game, the teachers are only here for make us loss. If we play our own there will be very https://apps.bonin-apps.com/account/login?invite_key=16852358.,App.,join to play game; https://apps.bonin-apps.com/account/login?invite_key=07186535.,https://apps.bonin-apps.com/account/login?invite_key=63123266.,Free Join Website : https://www.boninclubs.com/account/login?invite_key=60464606 SUBSCRIBE CHANNEL GET SMALL 50 rs聽…,STOPPED ( description modified dated:9/8/2020)Host error Join Now聽…,Rocks International Join Link :- https://rocksinternational.live/register.aspx?referral=373551 Registration link聽…,Orionclubs.com app link https://orionclubs.com/#/register?r_code=77137 #booe recharge problem#terion how to聽…,Minimum Redeem 1 Rupees Paytm Cash | 1rs Withdrawal App | Minimum 1 Rupee Withdraw App | Earning App App Link))聽…,啻庎礄嗟嵿礄啻ㄠ祮 啻掂祤啻熰祶啻熰纯啻侧纯啻班祦啻ㄠ祶啻ㄠ祶 啻祱啻?啻夃矗嗟嵿礋啻距磿嗟嵿磿啻距磦. 啻掂祮啻编祦啻?100 啻班祩啻?啻囙幢啻曕祶啻曕纯 10000 啻權祶啻權闯嗟?啻膏磦啻吹啻苦磿嗟嵿磿啻距磦. . . To install聽…,I got a new site recharge and withdraw working for use this link for registration https://orionclubs.com/#/register?r_code=5586.,App link 鉁旓笍鉁旓笍鉁旓笍鉁旓笍鉁旓笍 Join fast https://orionclubs.com/#/register?r_code=12941聽…,Rocks International app link https://rocksinternational.live/register.aspx?referral=061030聽…,Boninclub referral link : https://www.boninclubs.com/account/login?invite_key=12100810 Wealth large group telegram聽…,KTM TECHZ and VLOGZ APPLICATION LINK https://www.royal2.win/register?recommendUserId=kfduxzw2&channel= ANY聽…,New Working Site Link https://youtu.be/fpYObYdmpo4 ONLY THIS SITE US WORKING聽…,bozertticksintelugu #bozertricksinhindi #bozerwinningtricks #bozertricksmalayalam #coemtricks If you have boubts please contact聽…,Rico Gold Link Tap and register. https://www.ricoclubs.com/account/login?invite_key=43313475 Join this link and starting聽…,Invitation code: sanjaymandal4u follow this link https://minepi.com/sanjaymandal4u and put invitation code: sanjaymandal4u Pi聽…,PADUO JOIN LINK https://www.paduoclubs.com/account/login?invite_key=33501314 (recharge 100 ) official telegram group聽…,In this channel we will post content related works,videos, proofs and share the information. #colourprediction #scamornot #bozer聽…,Nome da m煤sica: Nick Bonin – choices.,Earn money online by just predicting 2 colours(red,green). Defenetly you can earn money. e JUST TRY IT PLAY IT AND EARN 聽…,SUBSCRIBE 馃. BOZER / Bonin fake rules shared as tricks by promoters | wingo Malayalam tutoria #bozer#bonin#trending.,Published on 14/12/2020 COLOUR PREDICTION TRICK | HOW TO CHOOSE COLOUR PREDICTION TRICK | MAKE MONEY聽…,Newly launched platform Predict color and earn money online Recharge and withdrawal work smoothly APP link:聽… much chance to success but “m damn sure that the teachers will never make you profit. they are giving you profit for 4 days and took every profit and your investments, savings, pocket money, RD balance, petrol, Welfare expenses in a single time. So, Don’t believe in that teachers suggestions better to leave from all suggestion groups and play your own. EVEN YOU CAN PREDICT THE NEXT COLOR EXACTLY BUT YOU CAN NEVER PREDICT WEATHER TEACHERS NEXT SUGGESTION IS CORRECT OR WRONG.

2. TRENDS ARE ALWAYS UNSTABLE when your seeing the perfect trend is going in any channel, at the same time you are getting massages from Whatsapp groups about this trend. Yes.., that was the best moment ever in you life man, even you had lost by following trend for more than 89 times, still you could smile. Because the trend may looks easy way to earn dosto ye mera refer link haia yaha se aap ragister kar sakte hai ager aap hamare whatsapp group ka hissa banna chahate ho tho聽… but you can not say when its going to end, It will broke when you put all your money, i know many people have this experience, so if you are following any trend then keep betting the same or lesser amount from the first bet. if the trend continues to 10 times you will get profit for 8 times.

3. DON’T USE DOUBLE / TRIPLE INVESTMENTS This methods are like a Whore with HIV+. Once you start with that…. I hope you know馃槤

This methods were found only by the teachers to loss our money instantly. you can think if you invest double to earn profit and manage the past loss. But remember loss also double when your predictions gone wrong. So, please try to avoid investing double all the times. it could be working some times but if you must know when you need to quit this.

4. DON’T INCREASE THE BETTING AMOUNT When you playing Wino games you must keep the sufficient fund in your game wallet. if your are having 500 rupees in you wallet you must playing with 20 rs per bet until you reach to 1000 rupees.

5. THINK LESS AND BET NEGATIVELY Don’t think too much.. Whenever you betting a colour by thinking too much and discussing with your friends but the result is wrong.

Stop thinking too much on the next colour. always your first prediction might be correct

6. SAVE YOUR TIMES Time is more valuable than everything, don’t spend too much time for predicting the sequence, understand the trend and start betting low amount, if you thing you are loosing continuously than stop playing, take a break. first your mind needs to be calm to win this game.

7. THEY WILL NEVER MAKE YOU PROFIT As i said Teachers will never make you profit so don’t believe in them, also bet minimum amount for their suggestions, if they tell you to put 10% than you bet with 5%. Many time they are giving us loss more than 100% by saying wrong predictions. after they will give you profit but you should have a balance in your wallet.

8. STOP INVESTING AGAIN AND AGAIN When you betting the same percentage or higher than that you will easily lost your money. than you have to recharge again to gain that loss. so don’t always use 4% of money for a single bet. don’t recharge again.

9. NOT EVERYBODY IS EARNING We must understand that not every persons are earning in this game. so don’t believe in anybody. they’d understand that the promotion is only way to earn more profit. so they could make you believe that they made so much profit. but don’t believe that too much.


1. WATCH THE HISTORY BEFORE START TO PLAY When you start playing this, first you need to understand the trend. just open all 4 channels history and watch the sequences. i.e

Violet colour mostly comes with ending of an sequence

any one number ether green whatsapp status download|2020| Video Editing Apps: KINEMASTER Mobile model: mi 5A Voice mic: No #Whatsapp_Status聽… or red must be turn the sequences. for example number if number 2 comes than next would be green(number 2 is only for ref. you must caught the correct number from the order)

sequence will end up before or after 1 series.

2. USE ONLY 4% OF ACCOUNT BALANCE Always use 4% of your account balance for a single bet. if you having 500 rupees you must bet rs. 20 each.

3. ALWAYS EXPECT FOR THE LOSS Profit and loss are equal in any case but our mindset is very important to play further and earn profit. if you loss this time don’t feel we could take it next time but if you loose your confident than you can not even think properly. your emotions will make you loss.

4. EARN BY INVITING You will get profit easily by inviting, invite your friends and teach them how to play and grow with them.

5. LEARN Seattle Sounders FC and the Portland Timbers face off in their second Cascadia Cup match of the season Sunday evening at聽… THE NUMBER SEQUENCES Numbers sequence is good option to earn quick profit but don’t bet higher amount. if you feel the next colour would be green just put 50 rs on green and 10 rs on any number that you believe as per the current trend.

6. ALWAYS USE VIOLET If you found the next colour and you believe it 100% than put a small amount of bet in violet. it will 100% work.

7. CONTROL YOURSELF What ever happens be calm and watch the trend if you loss don’t spend double amount and if you made profit don’t be greedy.

Saving money is the better way to earning money. So, stop losing you money from today. when i lost my 4700 i realized that my friends were earned 4700 by not playing this at the time. I lost only i started to play.

I hope this will change your mind and your way of seeing this game. I am Online money earning proof App link :https://www.skymm.in/invite/register?key=48195699. personally advising you recover your losses, don’t feel if it is 1 lakh rupees just bring it to a restaurant eat and drink whatever you want. At lease we will never feel guilty..!

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